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A few days ago I was tagged by Esther from Cozy with Books to complete the Would You Rather Book Tag (thank youuu)!

I had so much fun answering these questions so I might have written (for some of them) a lot more than what you expect ?. Some of these questions were really tough to answer…

The Rules

1. Answer the questions given to you by your nominator 

2. Make your own questions and tag others

The Questions

1. Would you rather sit in a cafe and read or in your own little reading nook?

On my own little reading nook. I move around A LOT when I read and I get easily distracted BUT I actually enjoy both. However, I’m sure that I read at a slower pace when I’m surrounded by too many people.

2. Would you rather spoil the book by reading the climax of a book first or the last 2 chapters?

I HATE spoilers so I don’t knoooow. 

However, I would rather spoil the book by reading the last two chapters. I think that reading the climax with no context is kind of useless.  

3. Would you rather travel with and read a 700+ page hardcover book or on a slow to function phone app (not ebook or tablet)?

On a slow to function phone app. My carry-on bag is usually smaller than a school backpack. Yes, it is ideal to pack in travel essentials plus a 300-400 page paperback book but I’m sure that I would get so annoyed traveling with a 700+ page HARDCOVER book.

I mean I can just imagine… every time that I would need to search for something important in my backpack (like the boarding pass or passport) I would end up needing to take out my book in order to find it (I know it sounds dramatic but it would just be so exhausting to carry it around).

Plus, what if I lose it? What if my book ends up with a ripped cover?…  Although I prefer reading a physical copy of a book rather than a digital one, I would get even more annoyed if my hardcover book ends up either damaged or lost. Also, I don’t know about you, but when I travel I often don’t have the time to finish a book that long. 

4. Would you rather live in your last book for 2 years or stay a night in the hotel of The Shining for 2 nights?

I would rather live in my last book for two years. I hate horror movies. Like I can’t even stand going to the movies and watching a two-hour horror film. Now spending 48 hours in the hotel of THE SHINING?! No thanks. 

5. Would you rather have a bookish box with only goodies but no book or a book box with only books and nothing else?

A book box with only books and nothing else. Here’s why: 

I don’t own anything other than Harry Potter book goodies. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to do so but I often spend my money on buying more books rather than buying more goodies.  

6. Would you rather read only in first, second, or third POV for the next 2 years?

1st POV for the next 2 years. I feel like a lot of my 4 to 5-star rated books have been written with a 1st person perspective. I don’t know why but I feel more connected to the story and can relate to the main character much more. Although, I have to say that I have also read great books written from a third POV too.

7. Would you rather live in a horror book taking place on a haunted lake or in the haunted woods?

Haunted woods. I feel like I have watched too many movies where something bad happens in a lake or near one. Nothing good ever comes out when a ‘lake’ is involved. Whether that be in a book or in a movie. I rather run for my life that swim for my life (if that makes sense). 

8. Would you rather have your favorite book turned into a movie/show/game or have your favorite movie/show/game turned into a book?

Probably my favorite movie/show/game turned into a book. I feel like I have been disappointed too many times when books that I have enjoyed have turned into movies/series. I always get really excited when a book is turned into a movie/show because I think that it will be exactly as I imagined it in my head when I was reading.

Sadly, most of the time I can’t help but compare the book with the film adaptation and point out things that were missing that were essential to the whole story.

9. Would you rather read a book with a very small font size or read a book with normal text but in the dark?

This is one is hard! I think that I would choose to read a book with a normal text but in the dark. I’m supposing that by ‘in the dark’ it is implied that I can use my phone’s flash or something like that ?.

If the book has a very small font size it would make me feel as if the book were to be eternal (which could be a good thing if it’s an awesome book!). BUT I just feel like it would give me more headaches to read a very small font size than reading in the dark. ?

10. Would you rather bring your last book to the real world or get dragged into the book’s world/setting?

I rather get dragged into the book’s world/setting! Of course, by this, I’m supposing that I could meet all of the characters too ? I think that mixing the real world with a fictional world would be SOO chaotic. There would just be too many people having to adapt to a different world.

However, it would also feel kind of lonely to experience a fantasy without any ‘real-life’ people. 

My Questions:

1. Would you rather become the main character from your last book or meet him/her/them?

2. Would you rather choose the book cover for your favorite author’s next book release or be able to choose how a certain character from their book will look like?

3. Would you rather be the one that decides how a book ends or how it begins?

4. Would you rather be the first one to know about a book release or a book-to-film adaptation?

5. For the next two years, would you rather get free books that would always have a 3-star rating or buy books that are way too expensive but that would always have a 5-star rating?

6. Would you rather eat the ‘Eat me’ cake or drink the ‘Drink me’ potion (from Alice in Wonderland)?

7. Would you rather only read digital copies for the rest of your life or only read physical ones but not be able to keep/save them?

8. Would you rather NOT read books for an entire year or ONLY read bad books for six months?

9. Would you rather choose your best friend or your mom to pick what you read for an entire year?

10. Would you rather loan a book to someone who you know will never read it (plus will steal it) or loan a book to someone who is known for ruining books (but who will return it)?


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Your Thoughts:

What was your favorite would you rather question?

Have you ever read any books written in 2nd person? Any recommendations? 

  1. Marta @ the book mermaid

    I loved reading your answers!! I can relate a LOT to that one about The Shining. I haven’t watched many horror movies, and it’s because I absolutely hate them (I’m easily scared too haha) so I’d pretty much die quickly in a horror setting. XD Thanks so much for tagging me! Your questions are also very interesting (and it’ll be hard to answer some 😛 )

    • val @behindthatstory

      yessss, tbh I don’t know how people handle watching horror movies ? Hope you enjoy answering my questions! Can’t wait to see your answers ?

  2. Esther

    These answers are great! They’re so entertaining! (I hate horror movies. I can only read horror books because my “scary creature appearance” imagination-bank is only so big) I have basically banned myself from reading in public because I have VERY big reactions (jumping up, squealing, internally dying, crying, laughing) so….only reading nook for me :’D
    Thank you for answering! I’m glad you had fun!

    • val @behindthatstory

      I’m glad you liked my answers! I’ve never read a horror book in my entire life (any recommendations?) ? and yesss I feel a lot more comfortable NOT reading in public too ?

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