The Flip Side by James Bailey book review

the flip side

I’m so happy to say that I give The Flip Side by James Bailey a 5/5 star rating! This romantic comedy deals with the aftermath of a failed proposal and it was the one that got me out of a reading slump 🎉


One coin, one year, and one new shot at love. Josh thought he was doing everything right. He found a girl. They adopted a rabbit. He finally found the perfect moment to propose. She said no.

On the London Eye . . . On New Year’s Eve . . . Suspended 443ft in the air . . .

Now they’re awkwardly eating truffles and praying they’ll be back on the ground soon. Realizing he can’t be trusted to make his own decisions, Josh decides to spend a year putting his faith in, well, fate.

From now on, every decision will be made by the flip of a coin. And maybe, just maybe, the coin will help him find the girl of his dreams. After all, who says you can’t take a chance on love?

Hilarious, feel-good, and uplifting. A romantic comedy perfect for anyone who has ever failed at love“.

*spoiler-free book review

Why did I read this book?

I received an eARC (Advanced Reader Copy) from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Penguin Random House for an ARC of this book! 

When I requested this book, what instantly grabbed my attention was the synopsis. Plus… the reviews on Goodreads at the time were really good and after reading a lot of fantasy, I wanted to read a contemporary novel. 


Book Cover: 

Author: James Bailey 

Publisher: Penguin Random House 

Date of Publication: November 17, 2020

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Adult Fiction 

Number of pages: 384 (paperback) 


Reading Experience?

I felt as if I was watching a British rom-com but it was all in my head. I read it in July but I feel like it is one of those books that you should read in December-January. Maybe this is because everything starts on New Year’s Eve…

Relatable Main Character?

Okay so, I can’t relate to the main character because I’m neither in my late twenties nor I have been in a long term relationship that then turned into a nightmare/disaster. 

But apart from that, I find Josh (the MC) to be like Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother. Fate is not on his side but either way, he still is a hopeless romantic who has very “relatable” experiences and has a humour that goes along with it. 

Also, I found it so funny/entertaining that he was flipping a coin for every decision he made during an entire year! The commitment! 

Bonus: I love the friendship in this book! 

Will YA readers like this book?

If you mostly read contemporary YA and if you love watching rom-coms (like me), then you’ll definitely like this! It has neither a very quick or really slow pace and just because the characters are not ‘young adult’ it shouldn’t mean that you should not at least give it a try.  


There was this one scene that I found sad and at the same time unnecessary (almost towards the ending) but apart from that, no struggles! 

A Cliché?

I wouldn’t think of this book as one but aren’t all romantic comedies in one way or another a cliché? It might be in some way predictable but it still is a heartwarming story

About the Author

James Bailey was born in Bristol, and currently lives and works in his home city. A graduate of King’s College London, James has previously carried the Olympic Torch, made a speech at the House of Commons, and worked as a red carpet reporter. The Flip Side is his debut novel. James can be found on Instagram @JamesBaileyWrites, and at

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Your thoughts?

Does this book sound like the type of novel you would enjoy?

Do you prefer watching or reading rom-coms?

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