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It’s been a long time since I’ve done a book tag! So, when I was tagged by Miya @toomuchmiya (thank you so much btw) to do The International Book Blogger Tag, I knew I wanted to answer it! 

If you haven’t read the about me page from my blog, then you probably don’t know that I’m an international blogger. Aka, a blogger who’s neither from the US nor lives there. 

I feel like this is a tag is a way for you to know more about me, so… let’s begin! 

international book

1) Where are you from, and what is your native language or languages?

I was born in Ecuador (South America) and my native language is Spanish.

Side Note: Someday I’ll tell you more about where I grew up and about my cultural background.

2) In what languages do you read books?

Mostly in English (especially books that I want to read). 

I have only read books in spanish for Spanish class back in elementary, middle school, and high school.  

3) Are there Book Blogs, Booktubers, Bookstagrammers in your native language, and if so, what is the community like?

Yes, there’s a huge community of booktubers in my native language, but not a lot of book bloggers or bookstagrammers. I have also noticed that many of these booktubers also read in English but review and talk about these books in Spanish. 

I can’t tell you much about what this community is like because I follow more book content creators who create content in English. 

4) If there is a Blogging Community in your native language, why did you decide to join the international one?

I did try to blog both in Spanish and English at first but then I felt like having a bilingual blog was way too much and I couldn’t connect with either community. 

At last, I decided to join the international book blogging community because I prefer to write and read in English. 

5) Are there any struggles or challenges for you as a non-native English speaker?

Most giveaways and physical ARCs are usually US-only or US/Canada only so there’s that 🙁 

Also, there’s not a lot of variety when going to bookshops. Backlist books in English are normally the most “known” ones like everything by John Green, Suzanne Collins, and Rick Riordan, etc. Because of this, if I want to buy a book that was published not that long ago or that doesn’t have a “NY times bestseller” title, I have to order it online. 

6) How do you get hold of English books?

Well… like I said before, it depends on the book. There are many bookshops that have English sections but they aren’t that big. If I want to buy a “famous” book, I will probably find it. If not, I will order it via Amazon or buy the kindle version. 

7) What is the best thing about being part of the international community?

How diverse it is! There are people from every single part of the world who also blog and read in English even if it’s not their native language. 

Plus, there are so many books that I have discovered thanks to this amazing community! 

8) Do you follow or watch other international Booktube channels or Blogs?

Yes!!! I love following international book content creators and supporting their work! I find it amazing how supportive this community is towards international bloggers. 


This tag was short but great! I’d like to tag Marta over at The Book Mermaid, Ella over at Ella’s Book Corner, and Allessandra over at Readutation

If you’re also an international book blogger and want to answer this tag, feel free to say that I tagged you!

Your thoughts:

Do you follow many international bloggers?

In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge that international bloggers face?

  1. Allessandra


    I feel your pain about the lack of choices in book selection in local bookstores. Before, when I was still not aware that online bookstores exist, I just bought and read the famous books, and I got tired eventually, but there was nothing I could do about it. It just sucks that as book lovers outside of the U.S., we’re just really screwed. 😭

    Also, I do agree that the book blogging community is incredibly diverse. I love other bookish platforms, especially BookTube, but somehow, I find more books I’m interested in in book blogs. BookTube does tend to recommend the same books over and over again — at least the bigger creators do. At least with book blogs, I discover books that I’ve never heard of that actually sound innovative and good. That’s really cool. Plus, the people in the community are just as nice, which is an added bonus. 😊

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  3. Marta @ the book mermaid

    I loved reading your answers, Val!! It’s so cool that there are so many booktubers that speak in Spanish!! We do have a small Portuguese booktuber community, but it doesn’t get very big, and let’s not even talk about book blogging, eh :/ Thanks so much for thinking of me and tagging me!! I’ve already answered to this tag, though, and if you’d like to check it out, it’s here: 🙂

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