How to get ARCs as a Newbie Book Blogger

newbie book blogger

Getting Advanced reader copies (ARCs) is not as easy as everyone makes it seem, especially when you are a newbie book blogger and you are still figuring out how this whole “blogging” thing works. 

(My favorite way to get ARCs as a newbie book blogger and the one I recommend the most is #3)

So… let’s begin!  

newbie book blogger

1. Edelweiss+

Edelweiss is basically a platform to request digital ARCs. 

When I first started blogging, the first ARC I ever received was because of Edelweiss. 

You just have to set up your profile, choose a book, request it, and say why you want to read it. Sometimes your request will be approved and other times it will be declined. I still don’t know what factors influence the publisher’s decision. 

Edelweiss is set up in a way that you can search for a book by title, ISBN, category or publishing house. 

After you get accepted to read a book, you need to type in some sort of review/thoughts on the book or link to the review from your blog. Also, you will have to read a book before a specific deadline. 

A Deadline to read an Advanced Readers Copy is usually a week before the book’s publication date. 

2. Netgalley

Netgalley is also a platform to request ARCs. Similar to Edelweiss but I find it much more difficult to get approved when you’re a newbie book blogger. 

Netgalley works with a feedback ratio. This means that the more you get approved and the more you write reviews for those books before a deadline, the higher your ratio will be and the more likely you will be approved for future titles that you request. 

You can also search for books by category, title, or publishing house. However, when requesting a title, you can’t type in why you want to read that book/why it sounds interesting to you. You can select your response to why you want to read it by a multiple-choice response. 

And you also have to set up a profile just like with Edelweiss. 

Personally, I prefer Edelweiss. But that’s just me. 

3. Book Tours

This is the best option for newbie book bloggers! I recommend this option 100% if you’re just starting out. 

Book Tour Companies basically contact publishers themselves and provide eARCs (and sometimes physical ARCs) to readers in exchange for a review and/or creative content. 

Creative content can be like favorite quotes, book playlist, mood board, dream cast, book as outfit, makeup look inspired by book, etc. This content is usually optional. 

Let me explain a little bit more what a book tour is…

It’s basically a promotional tour for the book. Book bloggers are assigned a specific date (a week before the book is published) and they have to post their review + other content that day. 

After you sign up and are chosen for a tour, you are given a media kit, a specific date to post your review and/or creative content and some guidelines for the tour. 

(Also, this is open for all type of book content creators and not just book bloggers).

You can find these book tour companies mainly on twitter. 

Keyword: book tour 

Some Book Tour Companies Are:

Colored Pages Bookish Tours 

Caffeine Book Tours 

Hear Our Voices Book Tours

What these 3 companies have in common is that they focus on getting ARCs to readers who are represented in that particular book. 

Of course, some tours are more specific than others. Some of them are only focused on getting Asian books in the hands of Asian readers, others on mainly getting ARCs to International readers, and others don’t focus on anything specific.

How do book tour companies choose book bloggers?

This depends on every company. Some companies choose bloggers by the following criteria:

a “first come in, first served” basis


if you’re a #ownvoices reader and the book is also #ownvoices 


if you’re international or US/Canada based 


other criteria specific to that tour company. 

What all of them have in common is that it doesn’t matter if you are a newbie book blogger. 

Here you can find how a book tour company (Caffeine Book Tours) chooses bloggers for a tour. 

These companies usually announce their tours via twitter and/or Instagram. Also, most of them make a previous announcement if you’re subscribed to their mailing list.


Even if you don’t use Netgalley or Edelweiss, I recommend having an account because usually publishers will send these eARCs for the tour via your Netgalley or Edelweiss accounts/emails. 

4. BookishFirst

This one is a website where you read excerpts, then share your thoughts on them, and then gain points to win free books.

Yes, you read that right. FREE PHYSICAL BOOKS. Not backlist books, physical ARCs. 

After setting up your profile, you can start sharing your thoughts on the first couple of chapters from the book, which you can download from the page, and earn points. 

The amount of points depend on whether what you write. By this I mean, if you decide to share a “first impression”, a complete review, or other type of option that they give you.

After you’ve earned the minimum points, you will get a physical ARC in exchange for a review.


Every book blogger went through the whole “newbie book blogger phase” where everything seems so foreign and confusing and sometimes exhausting. So, I hope this article was helpful to at least one of you and don’t give up! The book blogging community is very supportive 🙂

Check out this post about 15 Amazing Benefits of Book Blogging if you’re feeling down!

Your Thoughts:

Were these resources helpful to you?

Have you heard of all or any of these resources before?

Is there any other resource that you think I missed pointing out for newbie book bloggers?

  1. Jawahir

    Thank you so much for this! I just started my blog not even a month ago, and I didn’t even know sites like Edelweiss. This was simply written and loved all the little tips you’ve mentioned.

  2. Riana Ang-Canning

    Great tips! I recently started adding books to my blog. So far, I’m quite happy reading backlist books, ones I get from the library or ones I download to my e-reader. But if I ever want to get a hold of some newer titles, I’ll definitely come back to these tips for ARCs.

  3. Putri

    Thank you for writing thiss👍. I’m trying to focus more on my book blog. But I just don’t know much about this community. I was confused about the ‘book blog tour’. But, I finally understand more now. Gotta try to join some book blog tour. 😁

  4. Marta @ the book mermaid

    I’ve been using NetGalley for years, and it used to be better before, but still, it’s very hard to get approved for the books you’re the most excited to read )): But I had no idea about BookishFirst!! I’ll have to check that out! Thanks for the tip <3

  5. Chocoviv

    Great tips!

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