Gorgeous Bookstores Around the World that are on My Bucket List


There are millions of bookstores in the world. Those where you go to buy a book to those that you go to buy some coffee and read AND those that exist just as tourist spots where they even charge to go into the bookstore.

Honestly, bookstores that have coffee shops are one of my favorites. 

This pots is about some of the bookstores from my bucket list…

Let’s begin!


The Last Bookstore

Location: LA, United States


If I lived in LA, this would be one of my favorite places. I read somewhere (*cough cough Pinterest ) that this bookstore is one of the top 15 most beautiful bookstores in the world.

When I travel to LA, this one will be a must-stop on my list. 

Livraria Lello

Location: Porto, Portugal

Ginza Tsutaya Book Store

Location: Tokyo, Japan


Japan is like the country that I HAVE to travel to. This country has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. 

I don’t care if I can’t read (or speak) Japanese, but I’ll still go and maybe buy a book there. Also, I bet I can find a book in English so…  

Cook and Book

Location: Brussels, Belgium 

9 concept spaces decorated in different styles. The best part if that It’s also a restaurant and a bookstore AND has a MUSIC SECTION

Libreria Acqua Alta

Location: Venice, Italy 


For cat people and those who like vintage books, this is your place! 

Tbh, I don’t usually buy that many vintage things and I’m more of a dog person. BUT, how cool is it that because its location is in Venice, there is constant flooding and the books are kept inside bathtubs and waterproof bins??!

I’m sure you have seen this bookstore on Instagram or Pinterest. 

If you want to learn more about this bookstore, I’ll leave you a link here

El Ateneo

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina


This bookstore was once a theater (you can imagine how beautiful it is) and now has books in Spanish, English, and French. I mean if you are fluent in these languages, you will be able to find all the books in the world in the language of your choice. Also, there is even a piano ando listen to live.  live music. 

Book and Bed

Location: Tokyo, Japan

The perfect combination. A Book and a Bed. 

Literally all of the bunks there, are part of the bookshelves. 

Also, you should know that this is more of a bookstore/hostel so aka an accommodation bookshop. 

I’ll link their Instagram account here so you should 100% check it out. Believe me, once you scroll through their Instagram, you will want to follow them immediately!

Selexyz Dominicanen

Location: Maastricht, The Netherlands

What was once a cathedral is now a bookstore that sells books in English and Dutch. For fans of architecture, it’s both a classic and modern bookstore. You may also know this bookstore as “Polare Maastricht”. 

The cafeteria is located on the first floor and the decoration still seems to be part of the church and there is even the option of sitting down to eat or drink coffee (it has a large cross-shaped table). 


Location: Toronto, Canada (and ALL Canada)

This one should not be on my bucket list anymore because I already went to the one in Montréal and the one in Toronto.I’ve already been to this bookstore in Montreal and Toronto and they are both just as huge and amazing!

Yeah… I really loved this bookstore so that’s why it’s still on this “bucket list”. Anyways…the best part about for me is that you can start reading any book right there without having to buy it first. There are even tables and sofas to so. 

Wherever you go (in Canada), I’m 99% sure you can find one of these bookstores nearby. There Tare literally 86 in the country and there are 123 “mini-versions”.

Apart from being able to find books of ALL kinds in English and French, there are travel accessories, wallets, bags, supplies for school/university, accessories for the gym, accessories to decorate your room and SO MUCH more.

Also, there is a coffee shop inside the bookstore and basically they have this con left where you can read a book right away (as in before you buy it). 

Side Note: I’m not getting a single penny if you click through the link and NO, this post is NOT sponsored by Indigo (I wish).there is also a coffee shop.


The truth is that my favorite bookstores are those that are giant, the ones that have a variety of books and they also sell other things other than books. Ah! And also those that don’t have books wrapped in plastic (which forces you to buy). Like I said before, I love that concept of bookstores with coffee shops and I feel that they will become more popular in the future.

Your Thoughts:

Are any of these bookstores also on your bucket list?

Is there any bookstore that you think I should add to this list? I would love to add new ones!

    • val @behindthatstory

      Tbh, I haven’t been to that many indie bookstores but I want to! I’ll definitely check out your post 😊 thank youu

  1. Alice Myles

    Libreria Acqua Alta is definitely on my list too! I also desperately want to visit Ler Devagar in Lisbon because I didn’t get to go during my brief visit there!

    Alice | http://www.momjeansandjesus.co.uk

    • val @behindthatstory

      I’ve never heard of Ler Devagar and I’ve never been to Portugal either but I really want to! I’ll check out Let Devagar to see if I also add it to my list 😊

  2. Riana Ang-Canning

    Aw I love this list! That bookstore in Porto has been on my bucket list for a very long time. And we almost stayed at the book hostel when we were in Tokyo last year – wish we had! I think it’s so cute that you have Indigo (Chapters) on your list. As a Canadian, I’ve never thought of that chain as anything special but it really is a great place to go. I always walk in with a huge smile on my face 🙂


    • val @behindthatstory

      I can’t wait to visit Tokyo! And I really really want to stay at that book hostel hahah
      Yeah, I find Indigo Chapters amazing! It has literally everything 😂 In my country we don’t have these huge bookstores like the ones you have in Canada so I really enjoyed going to this place when I studied in Montréal 💕

  3. Marta @ the book mermaid

    Ahhhh I absolutely loved this, they all seem incredible!! And I just love that Lello is on your list hahaha I truly do miss the time when I could visit the bookstore without paying for a ticket LOL If you ever visit Porto, you can’t miss it <3

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