Best Reads according to your Hogwarts House


Whether you belong to a Hogwarts house like Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin, there is a book recommendation for you.

Who has not been or remains obsessed with the world of J.K Rowling? I mean, it has been YEARS since the first book and the first movie came out and we still keep talking about this world. This is a post that all that I’m sure all Potterheads will love.

Gryffindor House

The Hogwarts house of the brave, loyal, adventure-seekers, the daring, and the ones who advocate for others. my house 🙂

If you are a Gryffindor, these books are for you:

1. “Nevernight” by: Jay Kristoff

Quick summary:

After the murder of her entire family, Mia Covere decides to attend an assassins school in order to find the ones responsible for her family’s death and obtain revenge. It is a story of triumph as well as loss, adventure, and overall about Mia’s survival. 

2. “A Court of Thorns and Roses” by: Sarah J. Maas

This book was one of the first books I read earlier this year (yeah I know I’m kind of behind) and I loved it! From the plot to the characters, I don’t regret having bought all three books (ACOTAR, “A Court of Mist and Fury” and “A Court of Wings and Ruin”) at once.

Quick summary:

The only reason Fyre and her family are still alive is because she knows how to hunt. When it was winter and she killed a deer, she didn’t realize that she killed a faerie; a type of magical being that is only heard of in legends. Then, their leader comes to Fyre’s place to seek revenge and takes Fyre to the land of the faes.

3. “Taken” by: Erin Bowman

This is one of those underrated books that you can either love or hate. There is no in-between. In my case, I reallyyy enjoyed the trilogy and it is still one of my favorites. 

Quick summary:

It is set in a town called ‘Claysoot’ where all men disappear at midnight when they turn 18 (yes, only men). The only decision Gray has to make is: accept his fate or cross the wall that separates his people from something unknown (but, everyone who crosses that wall ends up dead). The reason he is considering these options is because of a note he found from his mom; a note that contradicts everything they taught him about his people and what happens when men in his town disappear.

Ravenclaw House

The Hogwarts house of the wise, the intelligent, the creatives, and those who value a person’s brain instead of their physical strength.

If you are Ravenclaw, these books are for you:

1. “Six of Crows” by: Leigh Bardugo

This book may be ideal for a Ravenclaw or a Slytherin.

Quick summary:

Kaz Brekker has to work with 6 other people (none of which get along with each other) to achieve a supposedly impossible heist. Together they are dangerous but are on a suicide mission that if it works, it will make them millionaires. Since it is a fiction book, you can expect a mix of action and fantasy.

2. “One of Us is Lying” by: Karen M. McManus

The types of books like these are the ones that I love reading.

Quick summary:

The story behind how 5 Bayview High School students go to detention and only 4 of them come out alive. Each of the characters has its own distinctive personality and each of them has something to hide. It happens to be that Simon, the boy who died, was the creator of the school’s gossip app. Of course, his death was no accident.

Hufflepuff House

The Hogwarts House of the dedicated, the ones who value hard work, patience, and justice. They are people who cannot bear to hurt someone emotionally.

If you are Hufflepuff, these books are for you:

1. “The Kite Runner” by: Khaled Hosseini

The only book that I was forced to read in school that I actually liked. 

Quick summary:

A story full of sacrifices, love and lies of a friendship between a rich boy and the son of his father’s servant in Afghanistan. This is a story of betrayal and the power that dads have in their children’s lives. It may not sound interesting but when you finish reading it, you will not stop thinking and talking about what happened. It is both a raw and compassionate telling. 

There is this one scene in the book that I still can’t believe that happened and once you read it, you will not forget about it. 

2. “Crazy Rich Asians” by: Kevin Kwan

Okay so let me start off by saying that even if you watched the movie, it doesn’t count. There are SOOO MANYY things missing from the movie that are even more interesting than what happens in the main plot. 

Quick summary:

Rachel Chu’s boyfriend convinces her to travel with him to Singapore on their vacation (and meet his family along the way). What Rachel doesn’t know is that Nick belongs to one of the most millionaire families in Singapore and that she will become the envy of many. Meanwhile, the life of Nick’s family (which were the most interesting parts to me) also have their own problems that they have to deal with. 

Slytherin House

The Hogwarts house of the ambitious, proud, determined, and those who are leaders by nature. Besides, they are smart like Ravenclaws and loyal like Gryffindors. All Slytherins are proud to belong to this house.

If you are Slytherin, these books are for you:

1. “The Young Elites” by: Marie Lu

Quick summary:

10 years ago because of an illness that killed many people, the appearance of the survivors changed. As Adelina survived, she completely changed physically, her dad believed that the way she looked brought a very bad reputation to her family name. But, there is a rumor that all the  survivors, the Young Elites (who have secret identities) have powers. 

2. “Heartless” by: Marissa Meyer

Yep, the same author of the saga: “The Lunar Chronicles” (“The Lunar Chronicles”).

This is one of my favorite recommendations 🙂 

Quick summary:

It’s basically a prequel to “Alice in Wonderland” since it tells Catherine’s story, a.k.a The Queen of Hearts. Being a favorite of the King of Hearts (who is single), Catherine is only interested in opening her own bakery (something that her mom doesn’t approve of). Catherine ALSO knows that her mom won’t like that she is falling in love with the court Joker either. 

Did you like my recommendations according to your Hogwarts house? 

Is there a book that was added to your TBR?

  1. Marta @ the book mermaid

    uuuh I’ve heard about The Young Elites!! And I’ve wanted to read Heartless for a while (I love Marissa Meyer’s writing). I’m super excited to find out if I like them!! 😀

    • val @behindthatstory

      Heartless was the first Marissa Meyer book that I read! Actually, I have an upcoming book review post about it (since I really enjoyed it)! I would love to hear your thoughts on both books if you end up reading them ?


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