Annual book and film festivals all over the world that are on my bucket list


A while ago I wrote about bookshops around the world that are on my bucket list and ever since I did that, I’ve been wanting to write this post about festivals too! 

You see, in Latin America, at least where I’ve lived, there are little to zero conventions/festivals throughout the year. I’m not only talking about bookcons but also about film festivals and anything that has to do with the arts. I found out about book conventions and film festivals because of social media so I’ve never been to any. 

Okay so I’ll stop complaining now and actually tell you the bookish events around the world that sound so interesting to me and the ones that are on my bucket list!

Also remember that I haven’t been to any of these events so most of the things I talked about is because of what I read in their websites.


YALC (Young Adult Literature Convention)

Location: London, England 

YALC is a 3 day event focused on young adult literature. There are authors who take part in signings, author panels, there is a lot of bookish merchandise, and even workshops. 

The London Olympia, where London Film & Comic Con is also held at, is the venue where this event takes place. 

The authors are always announced before July and in previous years authors like V.E. Schwab, Samantha Shannon have attended.

The best part about the YALC ticket is that with that same ticket you gain access to London Film & Comic Con and you can buy tickets to have photos with the guests form LFCC. 

If you’re a book and film enthusiast like me, this is literally THE event for people like us.


Location: New York City, USA

BookCon is an annual literary fest specifically for book fans (BookExpo is for people in the publishing industry). 

This year (may 2020) there was a BookConline which is basically the same event but online. The author panels were through Facebook, and idk what else they did online (so… apparently it wasn’t the same thing as BookCon 😅hehe my bad). 

The same as YALC, at BookCon authors take part in signings, there are author panels, bookish merchandise and writing workshops.  

(btw, you should check out their website👌 )  

Edinburgh International Book Festival

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland 

The Edinburgh International Book Festival is a non-profit organization held every August.

The audience and authors (new and upcoming) meet to share stories and there are over 900 of these author events covering topics for adults, teens, and children.


Sundance Film Festival

Location: Utah, USA

Sundance Film Festival is “the biggest film fest is the US”. Every January apart from indie films, you can attend performances, and see some multimedia installations. 

You can also find some panel discussions, live music events, and filmmaker conversations. AND there is an award ceremony. How cool is that??! 

BTW, you have probably seen their logo.

TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival)

Location: Toronto, Canada

An 11-day festival with lineups of over 50 new feature films, Q&As with cast and filmmakers, physical screenings and drive-ins, and industry talks. A selection of films from all over the world. 

With everything that’s going on in the world right now, they are planning on presenting this concept of “interactive experiences” and since this festival contributes to the overall economy of Toronto and the province of Ontario, it’s really important for this event to happen.

I hope that this digital platform will be available internationally. 


Your thoughts?

Have you even been to any of these events/festivals?

Is there any festival that was not on my list but that you’re dying to go to?

  1. Marta @ the book mermaid

    These all sound amazing!! I wish I could visit them someday! I’d love to meet my online friends, meet my favourite authors, get TONS of books and having lots of fun, which is what it seems like it whenever I see vlogs of these events. 😀 Here in Portugal, we have a “big” book fair in Lisbon, and I’ve managed to go this year – it was pretty fun, and it usually has nice discounts, but nothing compared to the events listed above )): The book fair in my city, Porto, is WAY smaller, I’m always super sad about it!


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