“A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder” by Holly Jackson *Spoiler-free book review

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A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

by: Holly Jackson

If you haven’t read this already, “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder” is one of those books that you HAVE to read this month!

(Of course, only if you like the YA thriller genre…)

Let me tell you that if I had written this review, it would have had many spoilers.


Today @bellerosereads is here to cover everything from the synopsis, characters, themes, plot twists, and also some parts about the book that she didn’t enjoy that much.

PLUS, everything will be spoiler-free!


This is probably the best thriller I’ve read during the whole year. With some amazing plot twists, great characters, and its well-written mystery, Holly Jackson’s debut book goes straight to my favorite reads of the year list.


Title: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

Author: Holly Jackson

Publisher: Electric Monkey

Release date: May 2nd, 2019

Page count: 433

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder follows the story of Pippa Fitz-Amobi (Pip), as she tries to uncover the mystery of what really happened the night Andie Bell was allegedly murdered by her boyfriend, Sal Singh, which led to his own suicide two days later. However, Andie’s body was never found, along with too many answers needed to really solve this case. Pip makes of this her school project and gets the help of Sal’s brother Ravi, but soon this becomes way more than a school project: they need to do this for Sal, who they think is innocent. 

When I say that I flew through this book, I mean it! The pages went by flying and I just wanted to know more and more. Throughout the story it feels as if your reading a messy (in a good way) notebook by an amateur investigator, and I loved that concept, the fact that the author included interview transcripts, text messages, emails and Pip’s “production logs” made the book even more interesting to me. She definitely used the best tools to communicate a message with her book.

I liked Pip’s character, her determination to solve the mystery before her and just her personality in general, I think she was really relatable. I loved her friendship with Ravi and the fact that the author didn’t include a romance in the book, as it would’ve messed up a bit with the main topic of the book. However, I didn’t enjoy Pip’s family scenes very much and was a bit indifferent by her life outside the mystery she was uncovering. That changed a little towards the end, though, but I would’ve still have liked to have a stronger connection with her character from the beginning.

Another thing I’d like to point out is that I would’ve like to see her develop some stronger bonds with her loved ones throughout the story, as later in the book *and I don’t want to get spoilery* she goes through something that could’ve made the reader suffer a little more if only the author would take the time to make us care a little more about her and the loved one’s connection.

Let me tell you about the plot twists. They’re AMAZING. This book really surprised me and proved me wrong in my theories, which I always love. Something is always happening in this book and I didn’t find myself being bored by it not even once. The author includes a fair amount of characters so you’ll find yourself having many suspects throughout the book, each with very different reasons. I loved the way Holly Jackson put different layers to her story so the characters had to dug deeper for the truth each time.

The topics included in the book are some hard ones, but it’s worth the read. AGGGTM speaks about grief from different points of view, about dealing with hard truths, facing your mistakes and fighting for justice. But it’s also a book about friendship and union. If you like thrillers, please give this book a try. I can’t wait to read Good Girl, Bad Blood!

Rating: 5/5 stars!


Written by: Cielo Bellerose

→ Cielo is a 19-year-old reader, Financial Administration college student, and aspiring writer from Latin America. She has a passion for high fantasy books, vanilla lattes, and horror movies. As a blogger, she shares her opinions on different topics that have to do with books. You can find her on Twitter and Goodreads too. 

Your Thoughts

Have you read “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder”?

What did you think about the synopsis?

Do you have any YA thriller recommendation?

  1. Cielo

    Thank you so much for having me at your wonderful blog, Vale! I had so much fun reading this book, and also writing this review for your blog?

    • val @behindthatstory

      I’m so glad that you loved this book as much as I did! Thank you for being kind enough to write this post for my blog ? I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  2. nen & jen

    I’m reading this book right now and completely agree with this review! It’s fast-paced, reads like a journal and I DONT WANT TO PUT IT DOWN. I can’t wait to see what happens in the end. Fab review!!

    • val @behindthatstory

      Yesss, honestly it was a roller coaster for me! It’s a great book so I would love to hear your thoughts about the ending!

  3. Kalpana

    I haven’t yet read this one! Hope to get a copy of this soon 🙂

    • val @behindthatstory

      It’s a great book so I hope you get around to it and enjoy it!

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  5. April Lee

    I absolutely loved this book! great review! i loved how easy it was to follow pip’s thought process throughout the book with all of her resources. i also agree with the romance bit– it wasn’t needed in this book and i’m glad the author didn’t try to shove it down the reader’s throat


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