NYC, London, and Paris: 13 books set in these cities


NYC, London, and Paris. From Times Square, the Eiffel Tower, the classic double-decker buses, who wouldn’t want to visit the cities that inspire and continue to inspire the millions of stories that we love? While staying at home, teleport yourself to these amazing locations just by reading!

Today I’m going to give you a list of 13 books inspired by these three cities. Ah! And I’m also going to give you a quick summary in case you haven’t heard or are interested in reading any of them. The majority of the books you will find are going to be within the ‘Young Adult’ and ‘fiction’ genre. 

Books set in New York City

1. “The Princess Diaries” by: Meg Cabot

Quick summary: 

I’m 100% sure that you know “The Princess’s Diary” BUT I had to put it on the list (this movie was literally my childhood). The first movie is set in San Francisco but the first book is set in New York. 

Side Note: Can you believe that the protagonist, as in Mia Thermopolis, is 14 years old?!

If you have never heard about this title, its basically a book about a teenager who discovers that her father is the Prince of Genovia. Meanwhile, her mom is dating the Algebra teacher (the subject she is failing).

2. “Where she went” by: Gayle Forman

Quick summary: 

The second part of the book “If I Stay” is set three years after the accident and after Mia and Adam broke up. Mia is in NYC (studying at Julliard) and Adam is in Los Angeles continuing his music career. When Adam meets Mia in NYC, the two roam the city in one night and relive their past. Ah! And the story is told from Adam’s point of view.

3. “All these things I’ve done” by: Gayle Forman

Quick summary: 

It’s the year 2083 and aside from poverty and crime, coffee and chocolate are illegal in NYC. The 16-year-old protagonist Anya, is the daughter of the deceased ‘crime boss’, (a powerful and famous mafia boss) in the city. 

While trying to avoid her ex-boyfriend and trying to avoid falling in love with the polices detective’s son, her ex-boyfriend is poisoned by chocolate. Since the chocolate was made by her family’s company, the police believe that she has something to do with what happened.

4. “The sun is also a star” by: Nicola Yoon

“Everything, Everything”, a YA book that was written by the same author, was one of my favorite books in 2015.

Quick summary: 

Now this is the story about a girl named Natasha who is more realistic than idealistic, meaning that she believes in science and facts and not in things like ‘having a big dream’. On the other hand, Daniel, the good boy who is always pleasing his parents, is not a dreamer either.

The two meet in NYC and fall in love, but in 12 hours Natasha and her family will be deported to Jamaica.

5. “City of Bones” by: Cassandra Clare

The world’s first Shadowhunters book.

Quick summary:  

15-year-old Clary Fray goes to a club in NYC and witnesses a murder that just happened in front of her. Since the body disappeared moments later and she is apparently the only one who saw what happened, she cannot call the police. She remembers that the people who killed the ‘boy’ had tattoos and weapons. In 24 hours, Clary’s world changes; her mom disappears, she is attacked by a demon, she meets Jace and she finds out that Shadowhunters are warriors who are dedicated to killing the demons that exist on the planet. Nothing makes sense to her about the reason behind why she can see any of them and why a demon attacked her.

Other than “City of Bones”, the book “City of Ashes” also takes place in NYC.

Books set in London

(Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia are not included in this list) 

1. “The curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime” by: Mark Haddon

Quick Summary: 

15-year-old Christopher related to animals more than people. He knows all countries in the world and their capitals plus he hates being touched. Basically he perceives the world literally. One day the neighbor’s dog, Wellington, is killed and Christopher decides to solve the mystery.

2. “Again, but Better” by: Christine Riccio

Quick Summary: 

Shane is a medicine student that hates her career and has no friends or romance in her life. She thinks she is doing everything wrong, so she decides to take a chance by studying abroad one semester in London with the whole purpose of doing “everything right this time”.

CAUTION: This book ended up on my DNF shelf.

3. “Bridget Jones’s Diary” by: Helen Fielding

Quick Summary: 

Bridget Jones is a 30-year-old Londoner who thinks her whole life could improve and change if she could just quit smoking and could lose some weight. It’s a comedy that focuses on all the challenges that life throws at you when searching for self-improvement.

4. “Miss Wrong and Mr. Right” by: Robert Bryndza

Quick summary: 

Natalie has worked her entire life to achieve the lifestyle that she now has; founder of a famous London theater (the job she loves alongside her perfect boyfriend that does Yoga). Jamie, the boy Natalie left on the altar years ago, performs at Natalie’s theater because he is producing a show. Throughout history, Natalie doubts who really is ‘Mr. Right ’.

Books set in Paris

1. “The Little Paris Bookshop” by: Nina George

Quick summary: 

Monsieur Peur has the talent of knowing what book a person needs as soon they walk into the bookstore where he works at. Basically he prescribes novels for broken hearts and lost souls. The only person he can’t help is himself. Basically his girlfriend broke up with him and disappeared from his life leaving a letter behind; a letter that has not been opened. When he decides to open the letter, he decides to travel to France to heal himself and find out what happened to her. 

2. “P.S From Paris” by: Marc Levy

Quick summary:

A love story between a famous actress and a best-seller author. This actress has the role of a girl who is in love with a guy played by a famous actor (also her husband whom she no longer wants to be with). She decides to run away to Paris and work at her best friend’s restaurant with a ‘new look’ so no one will be able to recognize her. 

3. “The Red Notebook” by: Antoine Laurain

Quick Summary:

A bookseller called Laurent Letellier finds a handbag on one of the streets of Paris. From the things and objects that are inside of the handbag, there is a red notebook with handwritten stories from a girl. With these clues, Laurent tries to find her in Paris. 

4. “Paris by the Book” by: Liam Callanan

Quick summary: 

A writer named Robert Eady disappears leaving behind his wife and daughters. He also leaves behind some hidden plane tickets to Paris. Leah and her daughters decide to travel to Paris where they find an incomplete unknown manuscript written by Robert that takes place in Paris. Robert’s family relies on the scenes of the manuscript to see if there are some clues to what happened to him.


NYC, London and Paris: The 3 cities that are on everyone’s ‘bucket list’. Well, at least “everyone” that loves to travel and “everyone” that loves reading. 

There are many, many more novels that were inspired by these cities and set in them, so if you want part 2, tell me in the comments down below! 🙂 

Did any of these previously mentioned books catch your attention?

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