10 Reasons why I pick up and decide to buy a book

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I honestly had no idea that I had so many reasons to pick up and buy a book! Sometimes it’s not just a single reason but a combination of them that makes me want to read a particular book.

Okay so …

let’s begin!

(btw, they are not listed in any sort of order)

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1. Friend recommendation

Honestly, I only have like a handful of friends that actually enjoy reading. And out of all of them, I only trust like 3 of them to recommend me books that I will enjoy ?. This has to do with the type of genres that they usually read as well as books that they have recommended me before. 

If a friend recommends a good book once, I will immediately turn to them for another recommendation. However, if they recommend me a book that I didn’t enjoy that much, it is very unlikely that I will ask them for another book recommendation. 

Actually, because of their recommendations, I read the ACOTAR and The Selection series. 

2. Book hype (the one everyone keeps on talking about)

As soon as I joined book twitter my TBR pile just grew soooo much. When so many bookish accounts keep on talking about how amazing a book is and most of them give the same book a 4-to-5 star rating, I instantly want to read it too. 

I just want to find out what’s so amazing and if it’s worth the hype. Also I feel like if I don’t read it soon I will just miss out and it will take me a long time to pick up that same book again. 

3. It’s a classic

By classic I don’t mean “To Kill a Mockingbird”, “The Catcher in the Rye”, “Animal Farm” or anything by Shakespeare. 

This reason for why I pick up a book can also be translated into “books that have huge fandoms”,  “books that apparently everyone has read” or “books that can always be found on bookstores”. 

It is kind of similar to the previous reason just that I was not aware of the hype when the book was first published. 

4. Goodreads reviews

Compared to other readers, I haven’t been using Goodreads for that long so this reason is a recent one. 

I don’t pay that much attention to the star-rating but more of what other people have to say about a certain book (no spoilers included of course). 

Some reviews can be over-hyped but others can also make really excited to read that book! 

5. author (enjoyed their previous work)

I don’t know if this has ever happened to you, but ever since I read two books that I didn’t enjoy written by the same author (one of those I did not finish btw) , I’m now less likely to pick up another book by that same author. 

Now, it has also happened to me that I have I loved a saga and then I have picked up a book by written the same author and I end up not enjoying it as much as I thought I would. Fortunately, this has been the case very few times and it’s the risk I’m willing to take. *inserts dramatic music*

6. Enjoyed the film/tv show

This is both a reason why I pick up and don’t pick up a book. 

For example, I liked “the fault in our stars” but I didn’t read the book before or after watching the movie. The reason behind this is because I had no reason to re-live that story again and I knew I would just skim through everything. Up to this day, I have read like 4 John Green novels but still haven’t read that book. 

So yeah, the main reason why I pick up a book after loving the movie/tv show is because I want to relive that story again. Whether that be to find new information about the plot/characters or to get like “extra scenes”.

7. “bestselling”/ “bestseller” titles

I know this is SOOO superficial but the fact that a book has a “bestselling author”, “New York Times Bestseller”/ “National Bestseller”, or any other of these titles, actually grabs my attention. Although I have not finished and not liked some bestsellers in the past, it is something that stands out to me and makes me pick up a book.

8. “if you like this, then you will like this” book posts

Every time I finish reading a book/saga that I loved, I search for similar books to add to my TBR. These posts are great because I usually end up liking those suggestions and rating them 4-to-5 stars as well :))

I think that these are one of my favorites types of bookish posts tbh  

9. genre + title

I usually remember what book(s) I’m looking for when I go into a bookstore. 


If I don’t have any books in mind or

  1. it’s like a random visit to the bookstore 
  2. I don’t have wifi to go to my Goodreads TBR
  3. I don’t have any book titles in my phone’s notes that I haven’t already read (some of my TBR books go in here)

According to the genres that I like, I pick up a book that interests me the most by the title, then I read the synopsis, and then I decide if I will buy/read it or not.  

10. Beautiful cover

This one goes hand-in-hand with the previous reason. 

I know I shouldn’t “judge its book by its cover” but this is what instantly attracts me towards a book! It’s something that stands out to me.

I think of it as deciding what to watch on Netflix. If I haven’t heard of a bunch of titles, I will click on the one that by the cover (and the title), looks the most interesting. 

Also, I love the fact that if I decide to buy that book and end up not finishing it or not liking it at all, at least it will look good on my bookshelf.


Your Turn:

What are your reasons to pick up or buy a book?

While writing these reasons I noticed that I’ve never bought a book randomly without first knowing about the synopsis! Have you ever done this?

  1. Debjani

    Points 4 and 10 are my reasons to pick up a book. Good listicle! 🙂

    • val @behindthatstory

      yess, goodreads reviews are really helpful and I just love beautiful covers ? I’m glad you liked my list ?

  2. Marta @ the book mermaid

    I’m gonna be honest, I mostly pick up books because of the hype/friend’s recommendation (that usually turns into a hyped book), I’m just usually scared of not liking it, so I trust other people’s opinions. But I might explore other books by the same author if I end up liking it, as well! Great list! 😀

    • val @behindthatstory

      Tbh I’m so glad that my friends (the ones that read) have similar book tastes as I do! The feeling of not liking a hyped book or a book someone recommends to me is sooo scary? I’m glad you liked the list :))

  3. Lindsey

    I usually decide to buy a book based off the reviews!

    • val @behindthatstory

      Do you prefer book reviews from Goodreads, from book review sites, or from Youtube?

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